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Squirrels are very interesting and cute creatures to watch. They are very active in most communities and are not aggressive to humans unless they are cornered or they are protecting their young. Thought fun to watch as they dangle from electrical lines or while they are jumping from tree to tree. But once they have chewed their way into your home or business the cuteness is over. Squirrels can gain access into our homes and businesses quite easily through a relatively small hole, simply by making it bigger or by chewing through the screens on roof vents or gable vents. They are excellent chewers, and in fact they must chew to file their teeth down or they will continue to grow until the squirrel can no longer feed. Once squirrels have chewed their way into your attic space, it is extremely important to be proactive in starting the removal process. If the running noises, gnawing on wood and scratching sounds don’t drive you crazy then knowing that 30% of home fires are caused by rodents such as squirrel, mice and rats will. US Animal Control has been providing humane yet effective squirrel removal and squirrel control for well over a decade. We guarantee that we will solve your squirrel removal/control problems and we have the references to back it up! If you are experiencing problems with squirrels in the attic, scratching noises in your walls, squirrels chewing on your home or a dead squirrel in your walls call us at (888) 228-6073 we are your local licensed and insured squirrel removal specialists.

Servicing; Washtenaw County, Wayne County and Oakland County

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